My Meshed Network Home Wifi System by Eero

Eero was the first meshed network home wifi system on the market. I’ve been following Eero since I first read about their startup in 2015. I was hooked on their innovative technology and sleek design. My dream of owning Eero finally came true in June and let me just tell you right now; it was worth the wait!

The first thing I noticed when I opened my new Eero 3-pack meshed network home wifi system was how much detail went into the packaging. I have to give Eero mad props for the resources they put into package design and protection for their products. I opened the box, and the three wifi routers were carefully packaged, waiting patiently to say hello to me. I know it’s corny, but I felt like a kid at Christmas!Meshed Network Home Wifi System

Installing Your Eero Meshed Network Home Wifi System

Inside the box are an ethernet cable, three Eeros and their power cables. Installation is done through the Eero app on your smartphone. You can add Eero to your existing Internet access via Cable or DSL modem.

The instructions were easy and straightforward and didn’t include any of that confusing techie jargon. The instructions contained terminology and images to assist with the ease of setup. I was able to setup my central Eero wifi device very quickly with no issues.

Before installing the central Eero device, you’ll want to follow the instructions to create an Eero account on your smartphone. Once established, follow along with the instructions, and in a few short minutes, your home wifi system will be up and running.

The final step is to connect the other Eero access point devices to your new meshed home wifi system. On each device find your new Eero network and then connect it by adding your network password. It’s that simple!

Eero’s Performance

Dead spots, connection issues, and router reboots are now a thing of the past. Before my Eero meshed network home wifi system, I only had good wifi connectivity in the living room. Now I have connectivity everywhere – the entire house, my garage, the backyard and the front yard. What’s even better, is all my devices run on Eero and they are all super fast.

Since I installed Eero six months ago, I haven’t had to reboot the router once. The connection has been solid with zero problems for Internet access. Plus, I can see what devices are connected and can easily disconnect any of them through the Eero mobile app. However, I’ve never needed to bump a device off the network for any reason.

To give you an idea of Eero’s performance, I have 13 devices connected to my home wifi system. These devices range from smart tv’s, Xbox, tablets, smartphones, and computers.

Streaming media from any of these devices has been excellent with no buffering. I’m going to stop right here and let that soak in for a moment. I have NO buffering issues. None. Zip, zilch, zero buffering. It’s been heaven!

Wifi performance is especially important if you want a smart home. If you’re interested in turning your home into a smart home, check out my article on Best Smart Home Devices.

Eero Speed Test

The Eero mobile app comes with a built-in bandwidth testing feature. Below is a screenshot of my phone to show you our Eero bandwidth speed test results. To compare Eero’s mobile app bandwidth testing results I also used Ookla’s mobile app called Speedtest. Below are three screenshots that are comparable to Eero’s mobile app results.

Meshed Network Home Wifi System Eero Speed Test  Meshed Network Home Wifi System Ookla Speed Test  Meshed Network Home Wifi System Ookla Speed Test  Meshed Network Home Wifi System Ookla Speed Test

As you see from the screenshots, both Ookla and Eero’s results are very close.

Eero just released their 2nd generation home wifi system. The 2nd generation Eero is said to be twice as powerful as the original. The central device looks the same. However, the other two devices are smaller and plug directly into an outlet. They are about the size of a freshly scented plugin.

Eero’s Competition

There are some serious competitors in the meshed home wifi network market. The three that come to mind are Google’s WiFi, Netgear’s Orbi and Luma.

I don’t have any experience with these three brands, but I’ve heard great things about Google Wifi and Netgear Orbi. I haven’t gotten any feedback on Luma from my geek circle, but I have read some mixed reviews regarding its performance.

I encourage you to get more information about these competitors so you can make the best buying decision for yourself.

Final Thoughts About the Eero Meshed Network Home Wifi System

I am delighted with the overall performance and ease of use of my new Eero home wifi system. I’ll admit to being a little worried that it wouldn’t live up to my dreams but I’m happy to report that the Eero has far exceeded my expectations. I consider it one of the best purchases I’ve made in years!

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